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A self-taught artist and musician, I explore the interaction of the two spheres through human motion; my paintings give visual expression to the spontaneity, flow, and movement I pursue in music. Shared metaphors of harmony, balance, improvisation, texture, and mood are all key elements of the work.

My painting is a spiritual, meditative practice — a welcome opportunity to set aside ordinary cognition and make myself completely available to intuition, curiosity and impulse, exploring and mapping the emotional topograpy of given moments.

Movement and depth are core interests, as are layers that invite one to reach in and through. Like life, my pieces are about working with what's given: finding the patterns, highlighting the pleasing spaces, noticing which boundaries serve and which do not, maintaining balance, resonating with chaos to achieve harmony, taking philosophy beyond words.


who is Kristan Willits? what is in the gallery? why do you do this work? where can I view the work? how do I order?